Yeah, Like I Need Wider Hips {dress edit}

Can I tell you, I dated a guy right after I finished my undergrad degree who actually said once that I have big hips. Just. Once. Haha. [When he realized–by my glare perhaps?–that this might not have been his wisest comment, he did stammer out, “Um, well, you know, you have big, beautiful hips.” Yeah, brother, adding “beautiful” and repeating the insult is not helping your cause. Too funny. I look back now and laugh.]

And although I do not think my hips are so wide as to garner extra attention or commentary, I’m sure not looking to pad them anymore than birthing three kids has done.

…Enter a lovely little dress that I big puffy heart. It’s fun & a little funky (just like me?).

But it had a slight problem: linen-lined pockets.

Typically I’m a fan of pockets, but since these were done in linen, they would always get bunched up and bulky… so my hips would look a little bunched up… and bulky. Not good.

Thankfully, the pockets were inserted along a seam (I guess all pockets are, huh?), so I whipped out my handy-dandy seam ripper and removed them. Easy peasy! Then, with the dress turned inside-out, I sewed back along the seam to close the pocket opening holes.

And voila! That’s all there is to it! Now the fabric lies nice and flat and no longer acts as a hip-expander.

And (bonus!) there is a little bit of the dress fabric on the removed pockets, so don’t you know THOSE scrappy little bad boys will be incorporated into some sort of mommy & me outfit…

…for this little darlin’. 🙂

Anyone else out there have a favorite piece in your closet that could just do with a little tweaking?


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