A {MUCH} Faster, Tastier Alternative to Cake Pops

Cake balls: meh. I know they’re hip and everything… but all that work and all that time, and–honestly–I don’t even like the way they taste…

But Oreo Pops, now there’s a confection I can get behind.

So just in case you don’t know how to whip up this two-ingredient, two-minute confection, here’s the tutorial:

You can keep it REALLY simple using just oreos and mint chocolate chips, or you can kick it up a notch and add sprinkles to make them match your theme (Favorite team colors for Super Bowl party? Red & green for Christmas? School colors for teacher gifts?). These have pink-white-red sprinkles for Valentine’s Day.

1 bag of mint chocolate chips is enough for two bags of oreo double stuffs. You can get the sticks & lolly pop bags in the cake decorating section of your grocery store or super center. Be SURE to get THIN sticks & DOUBLE STUFF oreos so the sticks fit inside your cookies.

Dump the bag of mint chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl and melt them in the microwave. If your microwave doesn’t have a melt setting, just cook them at half power for a few minutes, but be sure to stir every minute or so to prevent burning.

Then it’s simple: just push a stick into each cookie and dip it into the chocolate (if you skip the sticks, just hold the cookie by the edge and don’t fully submerge it). Then sprinkle, if desired, and place on a silpat or glad press-n-seal lined cookie sheet to cool. {You can even speed that up, too, by putting them in the fridge for a few moments to harden.}

UPDATE: I’ve had three or four people tell me that their oreos breaking when they try to push in the stick… And I’m not sure exactly why, but my oreos are room temperature, not refrigerated, so that might make the difference in the softness of the center. Here is a play-by-play of how I push in the sticks, just in case I’m doing something “special” without realizing it…

And as an added bonus, if any break (like bottom right below), who cares! More for the “chef”! nom nom nom

And before you can say bob’s your uncle, that’s IT. You’re done.

Wrap ’em up and pass ’em out! These bad boys even taste better than my all-time favorite, Girl Scout Thin Mints!

…But move them on down the line fast… or you might be in danger of “taste-tasting” a FEW TOO MANY!


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56 responses to “A {MUCH} Faster, Tastier Alternative to Cake Pops

  1. Agreed Martha -er, I mean gina! These are AH-MAY-ZING! I got turned on to them after the ONE I got from your boy at Christmas! My darling nerd daughter and I made some for her friends! She thought it was genius!


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  6. I too love these! Great tutorial. In order to keep them from breaking you have to make sure you use the double stuffed oreos.


  7. TOTALLY MADE THEM! Yummy yummy yummy. I did as you said with a broken one and tested it and whoa weeeeee are these yummy. THANK YOU! Giving them as gifts tomorrow and will email you pics.


  8. Oh-and there was so double stuff breaking that I started looking at them as I took them out of the container and they were ALL ALREADY BROKEN 😦 Returning them today but could make 8.


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  10. I’m totally making this for xmas this year!! Do you use the sticks that are hollow in the middle? That might make them easier to insert?


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  13. Made these tonight – learned a few tricks. One bag of chips is enough for one bag of Oreos. Use popsicle sticks instead of cake pop ones as they are smaller. (Michael’s) Lay down wax paper and cover with sprinklers – when you lay them flat to dry the sprinkles will prevent them from sticking to the wax paper. Let the chocolate drip mostly off before you add sprinkles
    and lay down. I covered a cutting board with wax paper too and after they were almost dry I popped them I’m the freezer for about 90 seconds. They take a little patience but worth it. I may have sampled a few. 😉


  14. I will make these as party favors for my 40th birthday party next weekend (it’s a fancy affair but I want the guests to take home these treats for their kiddies). Question… What other melting chocolate would be good as I don’t know if the mint chocolate would be kid friendly. I have crushed peppermint chips for topping. I bought the Wilton chocolate discs at Michaels but doubt the taste and quality. Great tutorial!!


  15. I made these for our Bake Day Xmas party! I was having problems with the cookie breaking after following your directions perfectly so my husband tried putting about 5 cookies in the microwave for about 13 sec. Each. And It made the cookie just soft enough to push the stick in and not break the cookie! After that these were easy and fun to make! So if you still struggle like I did and your cookies keep breaking try my trick! It works!


  16. I’ve been searching for an easy and affordable Christmas treat to prepare for my daughter’s first grade class! I love this idea!

    -Would wax paper be okay to cool on?


  17. Tried making these today. When using lollipop sticks every cookie broke. Very frustrating, I then found the comment about microwaving the cookies. i will try that next time.


    • Oh Karen, I’m so sorry that happened! My cookies are room temperature, not refrigerated, and I never have a breakage problem, so maybe that makes the difference? Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I hope you have much more success next time!


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  20. I don’t usually attempt recipes from Pinterest or make comment, but I made these as gifts/ prizes for a party and this is what I would add: 1) buy two packages of Oreos because many of them, especially around the corners of the package, will be broken, 2) buy the mega-stuffed if you can find them, 3) if you have broken cookies, or if many of the sides fall off the cookies when you insert the stick, you can make repairs with melted chocolate – it is hardly noticeable in the finished product – you can also take two sides of cookies with stuffing that are missing one side and stick them together with a layer of chocolate and presto, you have a double-mega stuffed thing (I skipped the stick on these), 4) if you don’t care about the whole cookie being covered in chocolate, just finger dip them and decorate and wait for chocolate to cool before inserting the stick – the chocolate holds the cookie together perfectly, 5) mint chocolate chips are apparently only available at certain times of the year, so be flexible – I used white chocolate and multi-color sprinkles and they were pretty and yummy. Thanks for the idea!


    • Hey, thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts! Mint choc chips are available year ’round in Walmart baking aisle (at least in my one?). And I’ll have to try the MEGA stufs–just heard about those the other day, YUM!! Wheeeee!


  21. Hola, soy de Argentina y lo que hiciste con las Oreo se llama “alfajor” en mi país y es muy popular. Los hay también rellenos con dulce de leche, también muy popular aquí y revestidos con chocolate o un baño de azúcar. Una muy buena idea la tuya y exquisita!


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  24. Maybe an easier alternative to sliding the sticks into the cookie is gently pulling the top cookie off and placing the stick onto the cream and placing the removed cookie back on top and lightly pressing down?


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  26. You can so also pull the cookie apart, dip the stick in the melted chocolate and stick back together. Put pops in freezer for like 5 minutes then they are ready to be dipped 😉


  27. Made these tonight for a cookie exchange at work tomorrow! Super easy! I noticed that double stuffed work best AND you have to use ones that are evenly stuffed. The ones that have more on one side than the other (look lopsided) break easier… i fixed them by using the chocolate as glue.. you can tell they’re broken but my lil guy won’t care when he sees it in his lunch tomorrow! Thanks soo much for the tutorial!


  28. I made these yesterday for a Christmas Gift Swap Party. I didn’t have a problem with the cookies breaking when inserting the lollipop stick however every cookie I dipped in the chocolate came apart. What did I do wrong?


  29. I had 3 bags of Oreos. The sticks went into the cookies very easily on two of the bags, but the filling in the third bag was too hard. I’m guessing the seal wasn’t quite as air tight. I just dunked those cookies halfway and covered with sprinkles. Yummy!


  30. If you buy red chocolate and mini Oreos, you can make Mickey Mouse Oreos (pops)!! Dip the Oreo about half way in the melted red chocolate and put chocolate dots like his buttons on his pants. Put a dab of chocolate on 1 side of 2 mini Oreos for his ears.


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