If I’m Gonna Coach Cheer, I Wanna Look Cute

“Coach” is not really a fashion look that I gravitate towards. Unless we’re talking purses.

cheerleading coach shirt tweak 06 footballBut when I became the coach of my daughter’s cheer squad, the job came with a coach’s shirt…

cheerleading coach shirt tweak 01…which was awesome and fun… but so not my look or colors.

cheerleading coach shirt tweak 02And it was shaped like a big square. Never flattering.

cheerleading coach shirt tweak 03Soooo… I flipped it inside out and sewed right along the seam where the red meets the black to take it in about two inches on each side. Voila, instant shape!

cheerleading coach shirt tweak 04While it still isn’t a fashion choice, it makes the top much more flattering, which makes me much more comfortable! And that’s something I can cheer about.

cheerleading coach shirt tweak 05Sometimes all your closet needs is a simple little tweak! Go team, go! Wheeeee!

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