Pink Campy Peasant Top

Making a peasant top is uber-simple IMHO… It is easier than whipping up a pair of ruffle pants!

campy peasant top pattern 02Basically, instead of cutting two legs, like for the pants, you will cut two “legs” for sleeves (folded on the non-j-cut side) and two bigger “legs” for a front and back (unfold them after cutting the “j”).

campy peasant top patternSew along the straight side edges, just as I show you in the step-by-step ruffle pants tutorial, forming two small sleeve tubes and one large bodice tube. Then sew the bodice to a sleeve on one side, with the bodice inside-out, and the right-side-out sleeve tucked inside with the “j’s” lined up. Sew around the two “j’s” (now a “u”). Repeat for second sleeve. Hem the sleeves and bottom, then add a length of elastic (about the length of the circumference of your daughter’s head) as you hem the neck.

campy peasant top pattern 03[I added a bit of elastic to the sleeves, too, to ruffle them… but ended up taking it off again later…]

I am lurving this fabric! I even saw some of the blue version of this Tula Pink “Moon Shine” in the current Matilda Jane collection right after I was done making this! Great minds?!

campy peasant top pattern 01Sis seems to approve.

campy peasant top pattern 04And it is a great, comfy, easy piece to throw on! Wheeeee!


3 responses to “Pink Campy Peasant Top

  1. I miss reading your posts, they’re always so cheerful and encouraging! Hope everything is well in your neck of the woods, thanks for the great posts!


  2. I miss reading your posts, they’re always so cheerful and encouraging! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, hope to read more soon! Keep up the good work!


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