Hot Tip: How To Keep Your Favorite Tiffany Bracelet {safe}

I’ve mentioned my favorite bracelet here before when I talked about the bridesmaid dress that actually DID get worn again.

wear bridesmaid dress again 1 wedding

My sister-in-law gave me the bracelet as a gift on my wedding day; it was my “something blue” (because, you know, Tiffany blue).

03 free new necklace

It’s a lovely simple heart single-charm Tiffany & Co. bracelet.

But it has one little foible: that lovely lobster clasp has started to stick, so since not wearing it is not my first choice (I love to wear it pretty much every single day), I wanted to come up with a better solution.

charm bracelet teacher class gift 03

So I grabbed some of the leftover chain and a couple of jump rings I used to make that charm bracelet teacher gift last year. [Remember to open the jump ring by twisting, not pulling.]

Tiffany bracelet save tip 01

Add enough length of jewelry chain to still be able to slip the bracelet over your hand easily and comfortably. Attach to the bracelet with a jump ring at each end of the added chain.

Tiffany bracelet save tip 04

Now even if the bracelet comes unclasped, it will not fall off and potentially be lost.

Tiffany bracelet save tip 02

Wear just like normal.

Tiffany bracelet save tip 05

See how the clasp is sticking open here?

Tiffany bracelet save tip 06

Now my “something blue” is safe!

Tiffany bracelet save tip 07

I love a simple and inexpensive fix! HUZZAH!! Any tips you use to keep your special pieces safe? Do tell!


One response to “Hot Tip: How To Keep Your Favorite Tiffany Bracelet {safe}

  1. I love my tiffany bracelet and I only wear it on special occassions or when my outfit needs its charm…I know we are not love our worldly treasures and keep our eyes on the treasusres in heaven, but I would be sooo sad if I ever lost my tiffany bracelet. Thanks for the the TLC tip !!


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