Simple Two Strand Braid {for scarf, jewelry, or garland making}

Okey doke, I have a simple tute for you as we head into the weekend, wheeeee! Maybe you can use this braid to whip up a Spring pastel garland to swag across your mantle… maybe a bracelet… perhaps a key chain to support your March Madness team?

04 scarf to scarf

When I shared the scarf-to-scarf makeover a few days ago, I mentioned this braid.

05 scarf to scarf

I’m sure there is some technical braid or knot name for it, but whatever it’s called, it’s super easy to do [thankfully]!

01 double braid

Whether you are working with fabric, which makes for a more cylindrical braid, or ribbon, which makes a lovely flat braid, this plait is so simple! First, knot two ends of two pieces of ribbon together (or fold in half one extra-long single piece).

02 double braid red 1

Then it’s just a matter of threading loops back and forth through each other. Here the red loop is folded under…

03 double braid red 2a

…and threaded through the white loop.

05 double braid red 3

Pull the red ribbon through enough to make a loop for the white ribbon.

06 double braid red 4

Gently pull the white ribbon to close around the red one like a belt, so your braid is not too loose or gaping.

07 double braid white 1

Then, repeat with the white ribbon, first folding it back…

08 double braid white 2a

…and tucking it through the red loop…

09 double braid white 2b

…like so.

10 double braid white 3

Pull the white ribbon through enough to make a loop for the next red ribbon.

11 double braid white 4

And pull the red ribbon gently to gently tighten it around the white ribbon.

Repeat the red and white weaving until you reach your desired length. When you reach the length you want, tie it off, and you’re done! Huzzah!

silver closure

I’m thinking an inexpensive closure could be attached to make the braid into a bracelet (photo link above), fun!

And a thick ribbon braided in pastels could make a lovely spring garland for the mantle, nice!

So, what will you braid this weekend? Wheeeee!


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