Baby Shower Game: Encouraging Diapers

A girlfriend of mine had a baby shower this past weekend, and we are so excited for her because she and her husband have been praying for this baby a long time. Even though I was not able to attend, one of the hostesses was kind enough to include me in this fun game!

baby shower diapers

It’s simple to do: all you need is a stack of diapers and some sharpies (colorful sharpies would be sweet). Each guest writes a funny greeting, encouraging message, or favorite verse on a couple of diapers. Then the diapers are all boxed back up and sent home with the new mommy.

baby shower diaper verses

Then, with each diaper change, she is cheered by a funny or encouraging message. [How nice would that be when it’s 2:00a.m.?!]

I love that!

I chose this verse (Psalm 127:3), one of my faves:

Sons are a heritage from the Lord; children a reward from Him.

And I thought this verse would put a smile on mama’s face (1 Corinthians 15:51)… It’s out of context… But it sure is funny in light of a new baby:

Behold, we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.

Oh my gracious! I just love a baby shower! Such a special time of celebration! And there are gobs of cute shower games out there.

One of my absolute favorite things to do when I am the hostess of a baby shower is to purchase a favorite children’s story book to use as a guest book of sorts, having each guest write a sweet message on the inside cover to the new mommy.

Of course, there’s the “guess the baby food game”–that’s always cute… Just puh-lease don’t make me try the baby sweet potatoes. They are gag-tastic.

So, what is your favorite shower game or gift? Do tell!


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