Christmas + Paint = Valentine’s {love birds}

Valentine’s is coming! And while it might be tempting to just hose everything down in shades of pink and red (hmm…), I think a few subtle touches here and there are more my speed when it comes to this holiday.

01 love birds before

I had picked up this pair of birdie candlestick holders before Christmas for $1 at a thrift shop. One had a chipped beak and a missing candle holder cup, but I thought I would spray paint them to look a bit like mercury glass and work them into my Christmas decor.

Needless to say, Christmas came and went, so they ended up in our donate/yard sale sort boxes.

I walked by the box the other day and fished them out because–duh!–Valentine’s is coming, so these two turtle doves just got promoted to love birds. I say!

Hmm… so maybe this post title should be “Christmas + Paint = Valentine’s”??

02 love birds paint

I popped out the non-missing candle cup from one of the birds so they’d match and gave each a quick coat of craft paint, one in pink and one in red. I spent literally about two minutes on them.

03 love birds banner

While they dried, I did a little “word art” on Word to make “love birds” curved a bit in pink, outlined in red. I printed that out on vellum paper (slightly translucent), then cut out a banner shape. To show where the banner “bent,” I penciled in the border and details.

04 love birds glue banner

To attach the banner, I simply used a dab of tacky glue on each of the wing tips.

05 love birds after'

And SHAZAAM! One handy dandy pair of love birds!

Now this little saved-from-the-yard-sale episode has me thinking… Perhaps these two could find gainful employment again come Easter? A little coat of white paint, facing outwards that time, a banner that reads “His is risen”?! Could be good!

Anyone else out there recycle a piece of Christmas decor for another holiday? Do tell! Regale me with your tales of craftiness!


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