How To Make {tomato cage & garland} Inexpensive Topiary Trees

Okay, I wish I knew who the brilliant woman is who came up tomato cage frame trees. I cannot take credit.

01 tomato cage tree porch

They are super simple and inexpensive to make.

02 tomato cage tree retail

I love “inexpensive”! And good thing, too, because the retail deal is Pri-Cey.

03 tomato cage tree hardware store

I ran over to our cute little neighborhood hardware store–they have a bevy of tomato cages out on their loading dock (but I’m betting Home Depot, Lowe’s, or your local garden center would have some too) ranging in size and price from $1.25 to $5.50.

04 tomato cage tree frame

The large tomato cages fit perfectly on my front porch planters, but I added a little masking tape to secure them, especially since they were sitting on top rather than just inside the containers. [I added a couple of extra little terracotta pots and rocks into the bottom of the pots to weight them down.]

05 tomato cage tree garland

I used five of these 9′ garlands from Wal-Mart (they are $2 ea) for each of my 4′ trees.

06 tomato cage tree wrapping garland

The assembly couldn’t be more simple: just wrap around and around and around. Bend a garland “twig” wire around the frame if you need to to secure the start or end point. When you get to the end of one, start another, and so on and so forth until the tomato cage is covered.

07b tomato cage trees star topper

I added a simple sewn star to the top of each of mine made out of felt and microcord scraps.

07 tomato cage tree bend frame

But you could also bend in the tops of the tomato cage frame wires and just have a rounded-top topiary.

08 tomato cage tree clip

If your tomato cage base is too large for your container, you can cut the frame to make it fit into your pot. [I used wire snips… I think?] I held the cage over the pot to gauge where to cut, then snip snip snip.

09 tomato cage tree porch 2011-2012

The porch this year looks very like our porch from last Christmas, but I love the difference the simple changes make: the pots are now black and the new “trees” are about a foot taller. The porch looks kind of posh and stately, you know, just like me. [That’s a joke.]

And in other porch decor 2012 news:

10 tomato cage tree garage wreath

I added these simple pre-made evergreen wreaths with a bit of the same ribbon to the garage lights to spread the look across the front of the house a bit.

11 tomato cage tree polka dot pots

The polka dot pots have been relegated to another spot where they are awaiting… I dunno, something… I might wrap them into garland trees… or I might try creating something else… hmm… We’ll see…

12 tomato cage tree pennant

And the pennant that hung swagged across a double window inside last year has moved outside… But I’m not sure I love it here straight… I might move it to swag over the transom window over the front door.

13 tomato cage tree lovely assistant

Thankfully, I’ve had my lovely little helper to play in the front garden while I work. I love that sweet girl. Could she be cuter? No. No she could not.

01 tomato cage tree porch

Hooray, the porch is done at last Wheeee!

how to make easy DIY tomato cage Christmas trees


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33 responses to “How To Make {tomato cage & garland} Inexpensive Topiary Trees

  1. Yay!!!! So happy to see your Christmas porch!! It looks amazing!
    Question on a different subject, any ideas for a kindergarten Christmas party?


    • Thank you for your very kind words about the porch. I’m glad to have it done! 😉

      Kindergarten parties: I’m helping with the first of three tomorrow… “Happy Birthday Jesus” party, then make & take ornament party, then post-Christmas program class party… What sort of ideas are you looking for?! 😉


      • Oh wow ornaments that sounds fun, ideas on ornaments for 5 year olds. I love the idea of a birthday party for Jesus! Public schools aren’t very accepting of religion in class 😉 . I am thinking of a hot chocolate bar and book exchange but need a craft and the ornament would fit perfectly with the whole scheme of things. Thanks!


  2. Love it all! I’m hoping to find some tomato cages even though they are out of season. Where did you find directions for the wreath?! It’s SO cute!


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  6. Oh so clever ! I just went out back and gathered up my 4 tomato cages (tall ones) and I am SO excited about your idea ! I was looking at trees in Hobby Lobby just yesterday (already) and knew I couldn’t afford 2 more….I now want one for our bedroom (just finished an addition and we have a big bedroom now.)…and another one for my grand-babies playroom ( 6 boys, ages 8 and under). I call it the ‘campy’ room and it is very rustic, reminiscent of our many trips to the lake. That tomato-cage tree will most likely involve grapevine, lights and home-made ornaments that they make ! Thank you SO much for this inspiring idea and God Bless !


  7. Wow I love the porch trees. I have always wanted 2 trees to frame my front door. They are so very high priced for the ones that look nice. I am going to try this idea. They look so pretty. Thank you again for the idea. God bless you and yours.


  8. how do you think these would hold up outside with snow? I do not have a covered area but i want to make these! love them!


  9. I thought I had left a comment, but don’t see it here, so I am trying again. 🙂
    I am having trouble finding the garlands. Can you share where you found them? I did see that you found yours at Wal*Mart , but I looking online I don’t see them now. Now, I do see some, but they don’t look as “realistic” as yours. I have found some that look like the round ‘bottle brushes” ….

    I am pretty much homebound, so I am looking online … and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!!! Jan


  10. Jan, I saw the garland today at Lowes. It looks exactly like what is used here. Not sure if lowes has the item on their online site. Hope that helps.


    • Maybe the ones I have found that are “bottle brush” looking, will be fine! I do wan to make one! 🙂 Yes, I will keep looking!!!


  11. This is beautiful! I have a question… How do you get the garland you wrap around the cage without looking square? I’m doing mine now and it looks like a cube! ☺😭


    • Hey Kelly! My tomato cages are conical, so I have not had a problem… Maybe if you wrap them more loosely, they will not hug the vertical wires and form an angular shape?


      • Hmm, I actually have the same tomato cages as you but I did notice that I didn’t get the branch garland. Maybe that’s why? Oh well, my son says they look like minecraft christmas trees! Haha. Better luck next year I suppose. 😉


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  13. I absolutely love the projects you’ve done. I personally think that u should consider taking some orders & selling some. I still have 6 or 8 tom. Stands I bought in 2013 to make those. I thought I had a great idea. LOL! Unfotunately they r still in the basement. I am so inspired by you I think I would do them now if I could find enough garland to buy. I am probably OOL! . I live in Bethlehem,Ga. I have a booth in an antique store here. SCOTTLANDYARD in Lawrenceville, Ga. The store is on Face book . I am not . I would love to talk to you further about your work.. If u would like to speak with me my cell#
    Is 205 612 3833. We moved here from Al. 3 yrs. ago. I have a lot of trouble w/ arthritis so I dnt get out a lot & so I really hav’nt made a lot of freinds here. But I do have a craft that I do & I sell them in the store. When my son had a Barn style wedding last year I learned to make the tree slice cake plate stands & candle holders, etc. And surprisingly ended up being pretty good at it. Txt me or call if you want to se some pix & I’ll send email them to you. Goodness! You would think that I had known u 4-ever or was writing a book!!! So long for now & keep up the good work! You r truly an inspiration to others! 🙂
    Tammy Wood @


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  16. Got my 4 (two for front and two for back done) they are still inside waiting for one more month. I love them. We have huge winds here so I am trying duct tape and tent stakes. I used big and med size tomato cages, but they are still too small. Think I’ll just use use bows for toppers, any better ideas. Thanks so much, easy to follow your directions and easy to make. Wire on plastic ornaments? That darn wind.


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  19. What size flower pot fits tomato cages circles , I found the tomato cages online just not sure what size flower pot I need the cages.


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