DIY Ruffled Burlap Wreath: Who Knew It Was So Easy?

When I saw this cute burlap “ribbon” in the fabric section the other day, my wheels started turning.

pink burlap wreath 01

I grabbed two rolls of pink at $3.47 each (from Walmart, go fig).

pink burlap wreath 02

Then last year’s Valentine’s wreath got sliced and diced so I could easily reuse the wooden form.

pink burlap wreath 03

I used the burlap ribbon, the wreath form and some floral wire (pictured here is fishing line because I couldn’t find the wire. But it’s pictured later–it’s basically just a flat spool of really fine gauge wire).

pink burlap wreath 05

[And here is my very professional blogger shot of me sitting on my bed working on this the other night. So just ignore my blue ruffle pants and paisley duvet in this and the next shot, m’kay?]

Anyhoo, I threaded the wire though the center of one end of the burlap ribbon, then kept on threading it through every 2-3 inches or so, alternating folding the fabric back and forth as I went.

pink burlap wreath 06

So basically it ended up looking like a piece of old-fashioned ribbon candy.

pink burlap wreath 07

Then I turned and turned the length of the burlap ribbon, so it became a sort of spiral and looked nice and ruffled. [I repeated these thread-and-spiral steps for the second spool of burlap ribbon, so I’d have enough to cover the entire wreath form, not just half.]

pink burlap wreath 08

Then I used wire again to “sew” it to the back of the form, catching a bit of burlap ribbon right at the edge of the wooden wreath form all the way around the inside and outside of it.

pink burlap wreath 09

Then add a torn piece of fabric to hang and call ‘er done. [I like the way torn edges look better than cut for this application, plus it’s FAST and you always get a straight line. You can read about the therapeutic quality of ripping fabric in this post on how to make a scrappy tu-tu here.]

pink burlap wreath 10

Que me standing back and tilting my head and squinting my eyes at this. It still needed tweaking.

pink burlap wreath 11

So I tied the fabric hanger on the outside of the ruffles rather than tucked in and more hidden, and I added a “C.”

pink burlap wreath 11'

This white wooden “C” cost $2.40 ($4 minus 40% off coupon at Michael’s), and I covered it with a sheet of 20-cent scrapbook paper. The “C” is hung with a command strip–I just colored the pull tab black with a sharpie.

pink burlap wreath 12

The initial is polka-dotted, which I love. But you can only see the pattern when you are close to it. Kind of like a little secret only for those friends who come to my door. I love that too. I traced the letter onto the scrapbook paper and then glued it straight on, sanding all around the edges (with a nail file, actually…) once dry.

pink burlap wreath 14

And unlike last year, I have [thus far, knock on wood] gotten away with leaving our DIY topiaries up on the front porch. I just took off the Christmas lights and toppers… I mean, really, if they WERE real trees, you wouldn’t toss ’em out Jan 1st, now would you?

pink burlap wreath 15

But the wreath adds some much needed color to a porch that–confession–has been wreathless for a month. And the pink is a nice nod to Valentine’s without me feeling like I need to change it again in a couple of weeks.


If it’s Valentine’s inspiration you seek, read on!

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7 responses to “DIY Ruffled Burlap Wreath: Who Knew It Was So Easy?

  1. Love the wreath and the colors! I’m pretty much obsessed with wreaths as evidenced here: 🙂
    I made a burlap wreath for Christmas that about drove me crazy- there are some super difficult web tutorials out there (and I’m not that smart.) Finally found one that was easy enough for my mind to comprehend! If I make another one, I’m going to try your technique.


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