Help An Elf {simple DIY felt shoe covers}

These little shoe covers are so cute and charming…

DIY elf shoes 15

…You might be tempted to wear a pair yourself over Christmas…

DIY elf shoes 01

I made a pair of these for our then-four-year-old son when he dressed as Peter Pan, and I made another pair this Halloween for our then-two-year-old little Tinkerbell. But they are PERFECT for all the little Santa’s helpers in your life too!

DIY elf shoes 01

First, grab a piece of green felt large enough to cover a shoe (you’ll need two pieces, one for each shoe. I used a piece that was about 22″ wide by 10″ long, but that was really way more than I needed. Lining up the long side of the felt with the bottom side edge of the shoe, fold the felt around the shoe (fold falls at the heel). Pin two sides together at the toe to fit snugly around the shoe.

DIY elf shoes 02

Cut an elfish shoe shape leaving plenty of room along the top (it’s easier to trim excess than to try to add felt!).

DIY elf shoes 03

Basically straight across and then a slight point up at the toe.

DIY elf shoes 04

Pin the back of the heel where it curves in slightly, the top of the shoe to form the curve to the pointy toe, and at the front of the shoe. I used four pins.

DIY elf shoes 05

Once you’ve got both felt covers pinned, carefully slide them off the shoes.

DIY elf shoes 07

Sew the front top and front parts to close over the toe of the shoe and form the point. Then sew straight up at the end of the toe of the shoe. Sew along where you pinned, pulling out the pins as you go.

DIY elf shoes 06

At the heel of the shoe, sew along your pinned line, then trim off the extra felt close to the stitches (felt does not fray).

DIY elf shoes 08

Then trim at the opening or along the curve to clean up your shape.

DIY elf shoes 10

Next, add a cotton ball to the tip of the toe. Just fold it slightly over the toe end and stitch a small row right where it meets the shoe.

DIY elf shoes 11

GAH! Totally my favorite detail of this project! [And I must give special thanks to my next door neighbor who gave me cotton balls when I realized I was all out!!]

DIY elf shoes 09'

Next pin under the ball and heel of the foot on either side of the shoe to line up where to add a bit of elastic (to keep the cover from sliding back off the shoe).

DIY elf shoes 12

Then sew on two bits of elastic just long enough to stretch across the bottom of the shoe width, and you’re DONE! Shazaam!

DIY elf shoes 13

[I forgot to take a photo before we dashed out the door that evening–wups–but here they are after Tinkerbell traipsed around about four soccer fields’ worth of carnival games and inflatables.]

DIY elf shoes 14

The rough terrain wreaked havoc on those poor cotton balls, but they are easily replaceable!

DIY elf shoes 15

So how cute would these be with candy cane striped tights for Christmas, right? Wheeeeeeeee!


17 responses to “Help An Elf {simple DIY felt shoe covers}

  1. Thanks for this. This is exactly what my little elf needed and my beginning sewing skills required. Appreciate the pictures. 🙂


  2. Aw wow! Thank you so much for this fab idea I’ve made red ones. . . Today (1st Dec) is ‘Elf Day’ in the Primary School where I work . . . So everyone staff and children are dressing as Elves and decorating the school . . . Yes Christmas will arrive today! yay! Then it’s back to our Christmas activities and rehearsals for the Christmas Navitiy. Thanks Gina and Seasons Greetings •:*¨¨*:•.♥ Melx


  3. I just wanted to point out that your little model is adorable! She looks JUST like my younger sister from that angle who is 12 with little hands and ankles!!!


  4. wow! i will try to do this for my son… he will wear peter pan costume for school book parade activity tomorrow.. I’m from the Philippines.. I hope I could find felt cloth.. otherwise, i have to choose other fabric..


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  7. Thanks so much for excellent and easy instructions! This was very helpful for a last minute Dr. Seuss character costume!


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