How To {easily} Customize Kitchen Hand Towels

As you know, we’re in the process of adding in a little bit of color here at CampClem, and while the sofa and rocking chair got new throw pillows and the kitchen stool got a cute padded cover, I am still adding in bits of the fabric/ color throughout our main living areas. Today, I added a simple trim to a kitchen towel (we keep a hand towel draped over the oven handle).

First, grab a towel. I got a couple of two-packs of these inexpensive simple [but lovely textured] white towels from Wallyworld.

Take a piece of fabric about 5 inches long and as wide (plus seam allowance) as your towel. Fold over the left & right sides and sew a clean edge, making sure that your finished width is the same width as the towel (above).

Sew the towel and accent fabric right sides together.

Once the two are attached, it will look like this from the back.

Originally, I was going to just fold the accent fabric back, but I decided I wanted more of it to show from the front, so I added another piece of [neutral] coordinating fabric. Seam up the left and right sides just like with the accent fabric.

Then attach it to the bottom of the accent fabric, sewing right sides together.

Flip it over and fold your neutral fabric up once…

…and then again, enough to cover up where you attached the accent fabric.

Then sew accross the top of the accent/neutral fabric, and continue sewing all around the rectangle of accent fabric to make it look all finished and purdy. 😉

Then hang it on your oven… Oof! After cleaning it a bit! Fingerprint mayhem!!

So, how are you adding in a little color to your camp today?


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  4. Make sure and wash and dry your towels AND fabric before you sew them together….they may shrink, and might not shrink the same!!


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