hi there.

CampClem fam{hiya} I’m Gina…

Grace-forgiven Jesus-follower. Blessed wife. Exuberant mom. Slightly nerdy girl. Crafty & creative. Loves a theme. Loves to run. Laughs often. Gives thanks.

I have a bit of CreativeADHD, and I blog away about all our glorious, silly, rambunctious, wild, cacophony of adventures here at CampClem. {I hope you’ll catch a bit of inspiration yourself.}

I turn trash to treasure, craft, sew, create DIY art, share tips & tricks, bake, give gifts, relish kid fun, try to be a blessing, work & love as mommy, talk marriage, and babble about my personal walk with Jesus…

And I’m so glad you’re here; thanks for dropping by.

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So what inspires me? It might surprise you… Read on here.