Easy Picture Tutorial: Umbrella Stroller Seat Cover

My fantastic sister-in-law got me this awesome umbrella stroller a couple of weeks ago…

…So I want to protect it from the wear and tear (and goldfish crumbs!) of Sissy. But whether you’re protecting a new stroller or fancying up an old one, here’s how to make an easy-to-remove-and-wash seat cover! This tutorial works for any size because you use your original cover for the pattern.

1.) Cut two pieces of fabric a little wider than the stroller seat and with enough extra length to fold back at the end of the seat for the return..

Cut four strips of contrasting fabric about 16″ long and 3″ wide. 2.) Hem both short ends of each strip. 3.) Then fold the raw long edges in & pin in place. 4.) Sew around the three open edges to form one tie (repeat for the other three ties). 5.) You’ll end up with four ties.

6.) Place two ties into each corner of the right side of the fabric. 7.) Then sandwich it with the other piece, right sides together. Pin ties in place (inset). 8.) Sew all the way around except for an approximately 6″ opening at the bottom (to turn it right side out). Trim the corners so they don’t bunch when turned right side out (inset). 9.) Turn it right side out. 10.) Turn raw edges of opening in. 11.) Sew opening closed, continuing on to sew all the way around the perimeter of the cover.

12.) Tie the cover onto the stroller to mark where the straps need to be (you can feel through the cover), and mark them with a pen or marker (I used a sharpie–this will not show in the final cover). 13.) Then [remover the cover again and] with your sewing machine set to a tight zig-zag stitch, sew around each mark (like a giant button hole). 14.) Carefully cut along the line you marked to make the opening (I used a stitch ripper).

15.) Now ideally, I would have made the bottom here wide enough to just fold the extra length up towards the seat and sew right sides together there, then turn it right side out to slip over the end there like a pocket… but since I cut it not quite wide enough, I took the opportunity to add a little more of the contrast fabric sewed on to bridge the gap. Happy accidents are my favorite! 🙂

Ready to roll (literally, haha)!

So do you have a stroller to protect… or maybe make fantastic with a little custom cover action?!


5 responses to “Easy Picture Tutorial: Umbrella Stroller Seat Cover

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  2. This is awesome I just bought a brand new stroller today it only comes in orange and black. My baby is a girl she is special needs this stroller seemed to be better to support ber needs. So i’m thankful I came across this pin on pintrest. ..


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