The Burlap Canvas Makeover {with paper cut lettering}

Well, I was beyond honored to be asked back a second time this year to speak craftiness to our local MOPS International group. [Clearly the sleep deprivation caused by having preschoolers has marred their judgment!] burlap canvas makeover 01I’m going to chat on Friday about the craft I took for all of us to make, but today I want to talk about this: burlap canvas makeover 02The precious steering committee gave me a sweet gift! A home sweet home canvas sign to be precise. And I knew as soon as I saw the worn-looking paint and burlap wrapped canvas that I would like it! …But since I apparently suffer from can’t-leave-well-enough-alone-craftitis, I eventually decided to edit it a little bit using the leftover scrapbook paper from that day’s craft. burlap canvas makeover 03I started tweaking the “home sweet home”… burlap canvas makeover 04…Then I decided to change the wording to “Welcome to our camp,” so I slathered on a loose coat of white paint, making sure to leave the edges raw, just like the original… burlap canvas makeover 05…And I finally landed on one of my favorite verses, Isaiah 26:8. I freehanded each letter, eyeballing them to keep them all about the same size. [If you have a cricut or silhouette or other paper cutting device, you could probably make short work of this, but I love the variety and perfect imperfection of each unique handcut letter.] burlap canvas makeover 06Once I settled on the wording, I decided to cut some and hand-write some of the words… burlap canvas makeover 07But of course, I changed my mind on that too and ended up switching from a print to a loose and curly script (with a quick second layer of white paint to “erase” the first go at print). I spread a thin coat of mod podge over the entire front to act as glue and placed my cut letters before it dried, then added my handwritted wording in gold sharpie once that dried, then sealed the whole thing with one more layer of mod podge. burlap canvas makeover 08Now I REALLY love it (I hope the steering committee doesn’t mind!! I can’t help myself!! MUST CRAFT! Please forgive me and know your gift is well-loved, especially since it inspired and enabled me to create!). The colors and loose structure are all me. And I love love love being surrounded by the truth of God’s word. burlap canvas makeover 09I’m not sure where this piece will live long term, but it seems to be right at home wherever I prop it. burlap canvas makeover 10[Speaking of where I propped it… I turned this painting around to take this photo so I could have the size for the vignette without the contrasting composition… And now I think I really really REALLY like that canvas and frame turned around backwards. Does that qualify me as comPLETEly stark raving mad? My hubs might think so… I just love the way it looks!] burlap canvas makeover 11And there’s a peek here at Friday’s post project too, something uber easy and mind-numbingly cheap that you can make. I am thinking of making a batch for teachers! Come back Friday to see the what and how of it all, wheeee! Wheeee! blog signature


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