Flat Stanley {has a totally marvelous visit}

Okay, so I am totally “that aunt” right now. I might have gotten a LITTLE carried away when my niece chose us for a visit from her Flat Stanley. My aim: to dazzle.

Flat Stanley 07

Anyhoo, if you are ever called upon to host a Flat Stanley, I thought you might enjoy seeing how we tackled the challenge, hopefully even glean some ideas? Wheeee!

Flat Stanley 01

We received Stanley as a black outline on a white sheet of paper, so the first thing we did was copy (using our home scanner/printer) and print him onto peachy-colored cardstock. Then I printed out a local “t-shirt” logo for him onto grey cardstock, then traced his cut out torso onto the back of it to then cut the shirt a little bigger than his frame. [Incidentally, “Tourists” is the name of our local baseball team, which is so apropos for this touring guy! We also added hair, jeans, and shoes. If we were fully dressing Stanley in local attire, I might have also added a cardigan and wayfarer glasses for this mountain/hipster community.]

TIP: If we were to do this again, I would also dress the BACK of Stanley, including hair, shirt, jeans, and shoes, so that we could “look over his shoulder” and take a photo of him looking at something.

Flat Stanley 02

After we glued on his clothes, I laminated him. [If you do not own or have access to a laminator, you can buy self-stick laminator sheets at Walmart or any office supply store.] This not only made Stanley more durable for our adventures, but it also allowed me to change his facial expressions at will with just the use of a wet wipe and a wet-erase marker!

Flat Stanley 03

If you are doing one of these projects, there are two sorts of compositions to focus on: the tourist destination attractions that your area boasts and the day-to-day activities that give an insight and connection to your unique family/culture. I carried a bag around in my car that was equipped with duct tape (which I used here on Stanley’s feet so he could pose in front of Biltmore House), blue tape (if I wanted him to “hold” something for a photo or stick him to something without damaging the surface), wet wipes, and a dry erase marker.

Flat Stanley 04

It was fun to play with angles and focus. Stanley does not have to be the main focus of every frame… He just needs to be there somewhere.

Flat Stanley 05

My FAVORITE was being able to pose him in different situations and draw his facial expressions accordingly. [Here he is being greeted by the stone lions at Biltmore House’s entrance.]

Flat Stanley 06

And when Sis fell asleep in school pick-up line… so did Stanley… Thanks to the wet wipe and wet-erase marker I had on hand. [Yes, please envision crazy woman rearranging paper doll’s face before quietly turning around in my car seat, in pick up line, to pose and snap this picture. Good times. I’m not sure if anyone in other waiting cars noticed… fingers crossed!]

Flat Stanley 09

Once I had taken Stanley on a few adventures, I had several photos from his trip printed and started organizing them.

Flat Stanley 10

I knew every photo did not need to appear in chronological order as it was taken, so I laid them out in a loose storyline.

Flat Stanley 11

I attached the photos with two-sided tape to colored cardstock pages and added different accessories I’d made for him along the way. [Just googling images and then printing out this very small camera, Blue Ridge Parkway photos, and an “Eat Local” farmers hat was easy. He is wearing/holding these items in some of the photos, but I attached them to the pages at this point.]

Flat Stanley 16

Then I printed out very simple blips from Word describing what he is doing in the photos, and attached those descriptions to the pages too.

Flat Stanley 08

I left all of the photos as they were… Except for this one. I was having a Gulliver’s Travels Lilliputian moment… And this photo didn’t really work into the book of the trip… But it was too fun to leave out!!

Flat Stanley 08'

So I cut a cloud border around its edge and made it into a thought bubble expressing how Stanley was feeling a little nervous about his trip. So fun! I also made a book cover by printing a title (“Flat Stanley Visits Asheville, NC”) and affixing a photo.

Flat Stanley 12

Once I had all the pages assembled, I slipped them into page protectors.

Flat Stanley 13

And I assembled Stanley’s travel book.

Flat Stanley 14

Flat Stanley 15

Flat Stanley 16

Flat Stanley 17

Flat Stanley 18

Flat Stanley 19

Flat Stanley 20

The last page has flat Stanley tucked in.

Flat Stanley 21

I used a few rings to “bind” the “book.

Flat Stanley 22

And I added a bit of ribbon just for fun.

Flat Stanley 23

And voila! All ready to make its trip back home to Mrs. Atkins’ class! [I hope you enjoy, little E! And thanks for choosing us to be a part of this fun school project! Aunt Gina loves you!]


3 responses to “Flat Stanley {has a totally marvelous visit}

  1. Oh my goodness, how much fun did you have with that! Don’t tell Albert the Leprachan because we can’t possibly match Flat Stanley’s adventures & book! But he will definitely have some fun!


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