Knotical Twirl Dress {major twirlability going on heya}

I wanted to make a knot dress… And I pulled several fabrics with a nautical feel… And SHAZAAM: a knotical dress made just for twirling.

knotical twirl dress 01

If you want to make one too, just use my step-by-step knot top tutorial, but rather than just one body piece, add three tiers, doubling each tier in width as you go.

knotical twirl dress 02

So my first tier, just under the 28″-ish inch bodice, is about 56″ around, the second, about 112″, and the third, about 224″ (yes, the bottom tier is about EIGHTEEN FEET around. EXCELLENT for twirlability!).

knotical twirl dress details 02 front

I added a little eyelet trim, raw cut green cord, and a blue button to the bodice.

knotical twirl dress details 03 ric-rac

A third of the bottom tier is a different fabric with added ric-rac. I love a bit of the unexpected. And the ric-rac hints of waves next to the other nautical prints, non? 🙂

knotical twirl dress details 01 back

I made the bodice nice and loose and then added a back tie. The tie does not go across the front of the bodice; I attached the two pieces at the side seams.

knotical twirl dress 03

This dress takes a lot more fabric than a typical dress, but it is so worth it for a look this sweet.

knotical twirl dress 04

I am beckoning spring with these blues and greens!

knotical twirl dress twirling 01

This dress is layered with a turtleneck and leggings now, but soon it will go solo!

knotical twirl dress twirling 02

Aaaaand off we go twirling!!

knotical twirl dress twirling 03

And twirling! Wheeeee!

knotical twirl dress at fields 2


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