You’ve Got Mail{box}: For Valentine’s Day

Are your kids decorating a shoebox to hold all those cute little greetings on Valentine’s Day? Of course, doilies and stickers would be just fine for such an occasion… But you could go a little more literal route for the ol’ love mail.

13 valentines mailbox

First, google United States Postal Service and mailbox images for inspiration.

01 valentines mailbox

Then grab a shoebox & blue construction paper (or solid blue wrapping paper) and cover.

03 valentines mailbox

I used tacky glue & duct tape to secure my blue construction paper wrap job, making sure the tape wouldn’t show when the top is on. I cut the opening with a ruler and rotary cutter before covering this section, but it would be just as easy or easier to do it after.

04 valentines mailbox

Really, cutting the opening is quite sufficient, but I wanted an upgraded feel to this mailbox (yes, I am a nerd), so I constructed a simple mail chute out of three pieces of thin cardboard and secured it to the mail slot with duct tape.

05 valentines mailbox

[I love the mail chute.]

06 valentines mailbox

Next, I pulled the official “United States Postal Service” logo off the google search, and with a little handy dandy digital cutting and pasting in Paint, I changed “United States” to “Cody Wells.” I simply copied the “C,” “O,” “D,” “E,” “L,” and “S” from “United States Postal Service” letters. And I constructed the “Y” & “W” using the “V.”

Once you’ve got your logo modified, just print out of paper, cut out, and glue to mailbox.

11 valentines mailbox

I cut the side logos in half and attached half to the front/box top, half to the back/box bottom, so the box would still open and close to retrieve the valentines.

07 valentines mailbox

Cut a little notch in the mail chute to make it easy to open. Yay! all done!!

…Well, almost all done…

08 valentines mailbox

Because then I decided to add a flag. I knew this little boy would love a working flag to raise and lower. So I glued two pieces of red cardstock together (one thickness would be fine, but I wanted to beef it up). Then I punched a hole through the flag and through the mailbox using the end of my scissors and secured the flag with a brad. [Don’t you just love brads? They are pure craft goodness.]

09 valentines mailboxSpecial delivery!

10 valentines mailbox

Ready for love letters!

12 valentines mailbox

You’ve got mail!


38 responses to “You’ve Got Mail{box}: For Valentine’s Day

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  6. I know this is an old post but I had to tell you how much I love it! Soo glad I found it on pinterest!!! I always enjoyed making a valentine box for my valentines as a kid, and now I’ve got a 1st grader (: can’t wait to do this in February. You’ve gained a new permanent reader out of me!



  7. this is a fabulous idea! old cereal boxes work for the added cardboard needed and could even be used to make the flag (just cover it in paper or color the plain side with marker or paint the thing. I can’t wait to let my daughter do this for her last valentine’s day in elementary school! so glad I pinned this (I also shared it on facebook as my niece is teaching her first year and I thought this would be cute for her 4th graders)


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  9. My 5th grade daughter found this project this evening and voila! Martha’s mailbox is complete and ready for tomorrow’s school party. Thanks for the great idea. St. Valentine, pray for us.


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    • Wow just wow how would u feel if you got a comment like this how would you feel that is considered rude and you probably aren’t I know you learned this rule if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all a lot of people love this idea and u probably ruined them this person must have a great mind because she is amazing if u don’t like it a lot love it.You should be more careful 😔


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  11. I love this idea! My six yr old Grandson would love this! He got off the School bus Friday with a shoebox and paper! He told be he needs to decorate his shoebox! This is just the cutest idea! You make it sound so easy! I am not a crafty Grammie but I have to try to make this with him! Again! We Love it! So cute!


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  20. We made this but totally cheated! Instead of paper we used a roll of the Dollar Tree vinyl to wrap it. No glue!!! Just peal up to remove and re-stick if you make a mistake. He wanted a flap door, so we didn’t reenforce the back and the sides of the door. My kid is one if those kids who knows what he likes! It came out super cute with his own twists!


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