Tinkerbell Valentines: Faith, Trust, & “Pixy” {stix} Dust

After I hacked the Star Wars valentines the other day, I got to thinking: we need a girl version, right?

tinkerbell valentine pixy stix

So as I was in girly mode, adding a few extra Star Wars pixy stix to a package for my nieces… I thought of that Tinkerbell saying: “love, trust, and pixie dust.” Change “pixie” to “pixy,” and we could be on to something!!

***2/14/13 Update: WUPS! A child pointed out to me today that the phrase is actually “FAITH, trust, and pixie dust”… but let’s just say I MEANT to put “love” for Valentine’s, m’kay??? 🙂

tinkerbell valentine google search

So I googled “tinkerbell” and found a suitable image–one with her holding her wand.

tinkerbell valentines pink and white

I digitally colored it in and added my text and a border, and printed it out on pink and white cardstock… SHAZAAM!

tinkerbell valentines wand

Cut a slit and add the pixy stix, and you have one girly valentine, ready to hand out! Wheeeeeeee!

tinkerbell valentines tape on

I’m not sure if I love the way it looks as a wand, though… So I might just attach with a dab of glue or a bit of two-sided tape.

Pixy Stix are a perfect sword, wand, or light saber, non?! Okay, so I’m on a roll! What movie or character would you add pixy stix to for Valentine’s Day?


6 responses to “Tinkerbell Valentines: Faith, Trust, & “Pixy” {stix} Dust

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  2. Oh my goodness! My 2 year old is completely obsessed with tinkerbell, this would be so perfect for her. I don’t guess you have this available to share do you 🙂


    • Sadly, I cannot legally share this as a downloadable file since the original image is not my copyright. 😦 But you could pretty easily pull a Tinkerbell image off the internet and do this yourself for personal use… 🙂


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