How To Custom Gift Wrap {luxury look that’s cheap & easy}

There is this delightful moment in one of my favorite movies where Emma Thompson’s character is wrapping “gifts for the servants.”

Sense & Sensibility

She is using heavy blue paper tied with thick ribbons. I don’t know if it’s the thickness of the paper or the simple beauty of the blue/brown combination, but I just love it. The look is so simple but so lovely, and {thankfully for us} it’s simple to attain: cheap and easy!

scrapbook paper wrap 2

For practically any small gift, a 12″ x 12″ sheet of scrapbook paper makes for a perfect wrapping option. And since you can get 2 or 3+ individual sheets for a dollar at Michael’s (they are often on sale for 5/$1), you can customize to your heart’s content!

scrapbook paper wrap 1

I was wrapping small gifts for three of my nieces, so I chose a sheet for each girl that incorporated her favorite color: blue, aqua, and pink. Then I used a small scallop circle punch and regular hole punch to add tags tied with a bit of grosgrain ribbon. I used a textured cardstock for the tags, but a circle of coordinating scrapbook paper could be lovely too. The monogram initials are handwritten on.

scrapbook paper wrap 4

To add the tag, wrap the ribbon around the body of the gift and knot once, slip the tag onto one of the ribbon tails and slide it to the knot, then knot again in the opposite direction (so your ribbons lay left & right rather than up & down).

scrapbook paper wrap 3

And as simple as that, you have a little parcel of joy & love to send on! These were packaged up with a few Tinkerbell “faith, trust, and Pixy Stix dust” valentines, and sent on their way.

This would be a great way to wrap party favors, hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, Easter basket fillers, etc. Wheeee!


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