Boat Portrait Painting: Norma Ducks

My itty bitty grade-schooler kid brother just turned 30. How did this happen?

To commemorate the occasion, I did a portrait of one of his favorite girlfriends… His boat. 🙂  Can you call it a “boat,” or are you supposed to call it a vessel or a ship or something? And is it referred to as an “it” or a “she”?? Well, technical seaman terms aside, she’s a beaut and definitely portrait-worthy!

Norma Ducks vessel boat

So I had my mom send me a couple of photos…

Norma Ducks painting paint palette

…And I set to work!

Norma Ducks painting detail

She is named for my mom, Norma. “Norma Ducks” is my dad’s pet name for her (“ducks” is a term of affectionate endearment in England).

Norma Ducks painting

Just like with yesterday’s whimsical cottage portrait, I hope this gift hits the mark with its recipient!

Norma Ducks painting wrapped

I wrapped it up and shipped it on to my [not so little] little brother. Happy Birthday, Richie! I love you!



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