Matilda Jane Clothing: Paint By Numbers {review & giveaway}

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: when it comes to our three-year old’s clothes and several other home sewing projects, I’m a bit of a ruffle lover. So when I took the plunge and got myself a pair of Matilda Jane ruffle pants in November, no one was very surprised, I guess.

01 matilda jane young wheat ruffle pants for me

Well… except for me, actually. I could not believe all the compliments I got on my outfit when I wore what are essentially warm up pants to teach one day and to church another. Who knew? So I’m in. Four pairs of ruffle pants deep already, seriously.

[A wide, tummy-flattening waistband; soft and cozy fabric; and ruffles to boot? Oh yeah, hello new wardrobing happiness. Don’t be surprised if you end up seeing an entire post dedicated to how I style my ruffle pants at some point in the future.]

01 matilda jane it's what's inside

So when a package of little girl Matilda Jane loveliness for me to review showed up on my bloggy doorstep a couple of weeks ago, I was pumped.

02 matilda jane clothing bags

The pieces always come in these lovely mesh fabric bags.

03  matilda jane opening up the goodies

From the first moment, the experience with Matilda Jane Clothing is one of quality and attention to detail, and I appreciate those special touches.

04 matilda jane extra button

Oh my gracious, y’all, and the details are all over the place. Let’s just put the glorious and unexpected combination of fabrics to the side for a moment and focus on the construction. Even the buttons (and extra buttons) are big and sturdy and pattern embossed.

05 matilda jane extra button

And the contrast thread? You had me at hello.

06 matilda jane ribbon

There are lovely ribbons and laces and ric-rac and other trims incorporated into most every piece.

13 matilda jane turtledove knot top detail

Seriously delightful attention to detail going on here.

07 matilda turtledove knot top back tie

An adjustable back tie on the turtledove knot top means that this size 4 will fit just-turned-three-years-old Sissy this year, next, and maybe even a third or fourth year, too.

08 matilda turtledove knot top back

I love that. Especially since I am a VERY budget-conscious shopper. But if you do the math, you can practically come out ahead: enjoy the item for a few years, and then–because of the quality and popularity of the brand–you can pass it down or consign it. [MJ clothes look to sell on eBay for a small fortune, crazy.]

09 matilda jane turtledove top and stippling tee

And all the pieces in a collection can work together. So you can create a unique look that totally suits your taste… Or you can grab any pieces from a collection and have an excellent chance that they will go together beautifully. Hello! Bonus for groggy-brained getting-dressed mornings! So the bit of ruffle fabric on the chest of the Turtledove Knot Top is the same as the super soft jersey of the Stippling Tee.

10 matilda jane gallery leggings

Then throw on a pair of Gallery Leggings, and your little lady’s good to go and looking ADORBS.

11 matilda jane stippling tee and gallery leggings

Or for a relaxing Saturday or casual playdate, just wear the leggings and tee and skip the knot top. Soft jersey goodness in a mix of prints that is just plain fun.

12 matilda jane paint by numbers mellow tee

Or switch the top for the Mellow Tee, and you are ready for spring.

If you are looking to start your collection with just one or two pieces, I’d invest in a knot top or knot dress and a pair of ruffle pants, any of which will be the star of an outfit, pairing well with a simple tee or leggings.

14 matilda jane sis leg opening

Sissy was so excited to model her new outfit.

15 matilda jane back view

16 matilda jane side view

17 matilda jane on sis

22 matilda jane sis running

23 matilda jane knot top and leggings

24 matilda jane sis on stage

18 matilda jane young wheat big ruffles

…Of course, then she went and turned the camera on me. And–what a shock–I’m wearing Matilda Jane ruffle pants. [These are the young wheat big ruffles, and I lurve them… Hello great fit, wide waistband, and 90% cotton/10% spandex stretch!] AND they’re on sale right now… In fact, everything is on sale 35-70% off through tomorrow, what! And free shipping to boot, huzzah!

19 matilda jane clothing sale promo

So I *might* have picked up a few extra goodies on the cheap…

20 matilda jane sale scores

[Here’s what I scored that is not already sold out, as of late last night… more ruffle pants for me and Sis!]

19 matilda jane giftcard

OH! And as if that were not good enough, I have an extra little goodie for you once you’re done hitting the sale!

We’re giving away a $50 Matilda Jane giftcard!

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Hooray! I love a good giveaway! Giveaway ends at midnight (eastern) on Monday, January 6th, 2014. Winner will be notified by email within 24 hours then announced on the blog. Best of luck! Wheeeeee!

24 matilda jane giftcard giveaway


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  1. I thought I already liked your page but I had not…so now I have and I think that enters me in your contest? πŸ™‚


  2. I tweeted! What a great giveaway! taryn tener ‏@taryn221 now
    β€œHey @MatildaJaneGals! I just entered the Matilda Jane Clothing $50 giftcard giveaway at @CampClem!”)


  3. Hi Gina, love finding inspiration from your blog and would love to win a gift card for clothes for MG! I also pinned and tweeted your giveaway. Hope you’re doing well!


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