Super Easy, Insanely Delicious Homemade Peppermint Bark {updated}

Well, understandably so, the homemade peppermint bark post from last November gets gobs of views this time of year, so if you are as much of a peppermint bark-o-holic as I, you will be thrilled to BITS with this little update!

08 peppermint bark break apart

So, hopefully you’ve jumped on the whole three-ingredient peppermint bark train. This recipe is ridiculously easy and fast. I recently whipped up an entire half batch in about five minutes FLAT, from start to finish!

05 peppermint bark spread andes chips

So just like the original recipe, you want to melt the andes mint chocolate chips and spread them in a thin layer onto your lined cookie sheet. Then repeat with the hershey’s or ghiradelli white chocolate chips.

06 peppermint bark crushed candy canes

BUT–perhaps much to the chagrin of your hammer-wielding boys–you no longer need to crush candy canes for the topping!

peppermint bark crushed peppermint candy

My friend Kim introduced me to this goodness! YES! This Mint Twists crushed peppermint candy is PERFECT for making peppermint bark! And now I can skip the potential of sticky peppermint dust getting all over the place, added bonus!

Now I can whip up batch after batch (after batch) at break-neck speed… ALMOST as fast as my family and friends can eat it!! HA!


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