mErRy ChRiStMaS from the Camp!

The kids and hubs are all home for Christmas break so I’m all like HECK TO THE YEAH, baby!

2013-12-25 Christmas kids

That’s almost two weeks of unadulterated baking, eating, playing, laughing, movie-nighting fun with these three characters, y’all.

[Hey! You guys stop acting crazy and smile for the camera!]

2013-12-25 Christmas kids mayhem

Umm… Heck. Or not. Whatev.

2013-12-24 10.47.12

So, Christmas Eve I “made” a statement necklace by just layering every sparkly, red, and green necklace I have. Makin’ it work, y’all.

2013-12-25 Christmas kids hoping for snow

Meanwhile, the kids were hoping for snow, which we’ve seen precious little of here in our part of the mountains since the big snow of 2010. But they wore their snowboots to Christmas Eve service at church just the same. [If you wear them, it will come?]

2013-12-14 Christmas eve

And shazaam! It worked! …Well, sort of… there was a snow machine involved. But, hey, snow is snow! We’ll take it!

2013-12-25 Christmas sis ornament memory book

Of course, I had to snap pics of our kiddos with a new ornament each to add to the Christmas ornament memory book.

2013-12-25 lockers

OH! And my awesometastic hubs found this 3 over 3 set of metal lockers in spectacular condition for chump change on CraigsList so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! Awesome husband and cool new piece, double score!

2013-12 Christmas card

From our camp to yours, we wish you all the blessings of a very Merry Christmas! And if somehow I missed you in our Christmas card mailings using an old data file from 2010, my deepest apologies! We love you; mErRy ChRiStMaS!


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