How To Make A Free New Necklace {in thirty seconds}

Today I put on a pair of pale mauvy-clay colored shorts and a breezy black and white polka dot top. Comfy & late-spring-ready & we’re out th’door, right? …But how-oh-how to accessorize?

01 free new necklace

So I dug through my jewelry drawer for a necklace. [We have no drawers in our master bathroom–madness–so I have four plastic drawers under my sink to contain and organize the beauty mayhem.] But there was nothing that really jumped out as perfect from amid the tangled mess…

02 free new necklace

Well, except for this, a fantastic silver and quartz bracelet the teachers at my kids’ preschool gave me a couple of years ago. [Isn’t it gorgeous?! And I love the angular cuts of the rose quartz stones–I’m feeling practically on trend with those fantastic shapes! 🙂 ]

03 free new necklace

But, I’m mostly a necklace girl, not a bracelet girl because–sentimental and a total creature of habit–I wear this pretty go-with-everything bracelet my sister-in-law gave me on my wedding day basically every single day. [Yeah, and despite getting my ears pierced at 21, I never really got into the whole earrings thing either, and I keep in the same studs I wore on my wedding day and have practically almost never taken out the past dozen years, go fig. Yep, I’m an exciting fashion girl… said no one ever.]

Ahem, but I digress.

04 free new necklace

Well, speaking of marriage, today’s necklace is the happy marriage of two of my pieces. One is that fabulous rose quartz bracelet and the other is a simple silver bead necklace I made.

05 free new necklace

Since one has a toggle clasp and the other has a lobster clasp, they can easily be joined together.

06 free new necklace

I’m wearing it a little off center (I loves me some asymmetry!). And the rosy pink of the quartz goes great with the shorts.

how to make a free new necklace in thirty seconds


[And speaking of “hurray,” I cannot wait to show you what my son is wearing today for THE DREADED standardized testing at school… Yep, we’re all about jumping in when our awesome teachers and staff try to make even THAT more fun! I’ll be back on Monday to share, wheeeee!]


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4 responses to “How To Make A Free New Necklace {in thirty seconds}

  1. I am totally missing the creative gene. I never would have thought to put two pieces together. Bravo!


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