How To Make {easy, fantastic, upcycled} DIY Jewelry

When ever an old bracelet breaks or I get tired of an old necklace, I tuck away the beads for a rainy day.

Then, when inspiration strikes, I pull out my little box of beads and create something new.

It doesn’t take much: some wire or elastic for stringing… A cheap beading tray (maybe $3-4) is helpful for laying out your designs; toggles or clasps, a simple pair of jewelry pliers, and crimping beads are optional.

I like to add a toggle or clasp to the end of a wire with a few crimping beads, and then I’m off, adding beads until I reach the desired length!

It’s fun to add a little detail…

…Or go long and layered.

Then, just get creative! Wheeeee!

So, anyone else out there upcycle old jewelry?


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