Add A Little Eggs-ercise Fun To The Candy Hunt

My seven-year-old made up a completely brilliant-yet-simple game with a bunch of eggs and some candy we have lying about. [He is so crafty!]

li'l bro's eggs-ercise hunt game 01He wrote out five different tasks on strips of colored paper, like “hop to your room and back,” and rolled them up in five eggs. Then he added a piece of candy to each of five eggs. Then he mixed in ten empty eggs.

li'l bro's eggs-ercise hunt game 04Each player chooses five eggs and follows any instructions and/or enjoys the candy in the filled eggs.

li'l bro's eggs-ercise hunt game 02He even decorated the “game box.” The cuteness of it all.

li'l bro's eggs-ercise hunt game 03To make this game even better, we are replacing more empty eggs with other fun movement tasks to complete. Li’l Bro and his four-year-old Sis are loving this new game on an unexpectedly wintery-Spring day indoors! And you can draw the eggs from a pile/shoebox, or you could hide them all over, so it can be a hunt with extra movement!! Just have your kids collect five eggs, return to “base” to open, then perform activities and hunt again as called for!

The best part for me about this game is that Li’l Bro thought it up, planned it out, and executed it himself. I LOVE THAT KID!!

clip frame winners announced[Meanwhile, while the littles are busy playing, and Hubs and Big Bro are at an out-of-town soccer match, I am busy parceling up these little pretties to ship out! Congratulations to Darcee Strickler of Kalispell, MT, Kayley Freshman-Caffrey of Los Angeles, CA, and Sherry Hooper of Hendersonville, NC. Make sure to check your email and get me your shipping address!]

So what are YOU doing on this blustery Saturday? Do tell! Wheeeee!

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