DIY Faux Enameled Necklace Tutorial

I’ve had this fun silver necklace for a few years.

02 enameled necklace before

But when it broke last year (just a loose jump ring fell off), it got put aside in my bead box to be fixed or remade one day. I never really loved the pearl accents, and as I’ve been seeing so many pretty brightly colored necklaces lately, it got my wheels turning on giving that piece a new life…

enameled necklace inspiration

1. J.Crew Factory | 2. Bee Vintage Redux | 3. J.Crew Factory | 4. seen on | 5. Bee Vintage Redux | 6. Elva Fields

I thought my old silver necklace would be an excellent candidate for a faux enamel finish (a bit like the enamel necklaces in numbers 2 & 6 above).

03 enameled necklace colors

So I dug through my beads for color inspiration, then pulled some acrylic paints to match.

05 enameled necklace

I didn’t have all the exact colors, but it was simple enough to mix a couple to get the exact shade I wanted.

06 enameled necklace

And then it was as simple as painting it on.

07 enameled necklace

One coat didn’t quite get the coverage, but two coats were just right.

08 enameled necklace

I got a couple of coats too, oi.

09 enameled necklace

Once all the parts of the necklace were painted with two coats, the finish was really matte… not enamel-y at all. So I hit them all with coat of gloss Mod Podge.

10 enameled necklace after

And SHAZAAM! Brand new shiny, colorful, faux enamel necklace all ready for spring!

10' enameled necklace

I love that this project was fast, simple, and free!

11 enameled necklace

It’s so fun to give an old piece a fresh look! Wheeeeeeee! Now, I am thinking what other forlorn pieces can be given a little love… Hmm…


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easy DIY enameled necklace


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