Dollar Owl Necklace Transformation {just add paint & tassel}

When I saw this necklace promo on Discount Queens for just over a dollar with free shipping from Amazon, I knew I was in.

discount queens owl necklace

I knew when I bought it that I didn’t like it as it was… But I thought it would be a great candidate for a crafty makeover!

01 owl necklace

Okay, so here’s where we started: a brass-colored owl and chain with plastic “gem” eyes and details.

13 owl necklace

First I sprayed the owl and chain metallic silver…

04 owl necklace

It looked okay, but it was missing something…

05 owl necklace

…So I added eyeballs with a sharpie. Yikes! Definitely not it!

06 owl necklace

Next I lightly sanded the “gemstones” to let them peak through. Umm… No.

07 owl necklace

So the owl got a coat of black spray paint. That looked pretty good… But I’m not much of a black clothing/accessory person, so…

08 owl necklace

I tried sanding the colored bits and edges. Still didn’t like it.

09 owl necklace

Then I thought a really graphic color might look kinda neat, like a yellow or pink or something like that. Thanks to my craft-enabler ahem, friend Marisa, I grabbed a bit of her orange spray paint and set to work.

10  owl necklace

I held a paper bag in between the owl and the chain to spray the chain back to silver again without covering the orange on the owl.

12 owl necklace

This would have worked really well in the fall, I think, between the color and motif… But I just wasn’t feeling it as I stand here on my tippy-toes expectantly awaiting the arrival of spring…

03 owl necklace

So back to silver the old gal went again.

14 owl necklace

Then I brushed on some pale aqau/robin’s egg blue from leftover china cabinet paint samples.

15 owl necklace

Finally happy with the owl color, I pulled out my little bag of thick thread/embroidery floss to make a little tassel to add to my owl…

16 owl necklace

I settled on this great vintage gray wool to use for a mini tassel. To make one for yourself, first wrap a length of thread around and around your fingers.

17 owl necklace

Then tie the bundle of thread into a bundle right in the center.

18 owl necklace

Fold the two bundle ends to each other to fold the bundle in half and wrap thread around and around what was the center (the same place you just tied a knot) and tie it off.

20 owl necklace

Then just snip the loops of the tassel and trim if necessary. I tied the tassel to the bottom of the owl pendant.

19 owl necklace

And there you have it! Now the necklace price AND style are much more me, wheeeee!

crafty aqua owl and tassel necklace

So, anyone else ever makeover a cheap piece of jewelry to make it kinda fabulous? Do tell!


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cheapo owl & tassel necklace transformation


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