Owl Done

So, what do you do when the necklace you want to wear doesn’t really go with the day’s outfit… You paint it, of course! [Right???]

07 owl necklace fray fabric edges

Yes, the owl got another tweak. What can I say? I’m a bonafide tweaker.

01 owl necklace

I just hit the high points with a little azure blue… It took all of about five seconds…

02 owl necklace

But now it “goes”! Yay!

03 owl necklace

And the darker paint makes the contrast enough that you can see the owl against the fabric backing even from far away. Neat-o!

So, anyone else out there a consumate tweaker? Talk to me! Tell me I’m not alone! What do you tweak (and tweak again… and again)?


Here’s where the owl began… and other jewelry-making adventures, wheeee!

LINK dollar owl necklace transformation {just add paint & tassel}

LINK and one more tweak owl necklace transformation

LINK how to make {easy fantastic upcycled} diy jewelry


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