…And One More Tweak: Owl Necklace Transformation

Gah! You know me: hard to call a crafty project done.

crafty aqua owl and tassel necklace

So… Let’s pull out yesterday’s owl necklace

01 owl necklace fabric and glue

…and grab some tacky glue and a scrap of fabric.

02 owl necklace glue

Put glue all over the back…

03 owl necklace add fabric

Add the scrap of fabric…

04 owl necklace glued back

Make sure to press it into all the little bumps and grooves…

05 owl necklace trim fabric

Trim around the edges…

06 owl necklace snip fabric edges

Then snip around the edges…

07 owl necklace fray fabric edges

And run a fingernail all around the edges to fray them a bit.

Yay! All done! …Um, again. 🙂  Wheeeee!


Yay, that was fun! Let’s craft some more!

LINK dollar owl necklace transformation {just add paint & tassel}

LINK how to make {easy fantastic upcycled} diy jewelry

LINK Breaking Up One Suit, Three Looks


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