Super-Cheap Owl Jewelry DIY {& crafting with MOPS}

Last week, I had the supreme pleasure of leading a talk and craft time with my church’s MOPS group. [MOPS stands for Mothers Of PreSchoolers. Solidarity, sisters!] Since it’s October, I gathered a dozen or so fall-ish crafts to take in and share with the ladies. MOPS craft day table We talked about Sis’s simple applique scarecrow, owl, bird, turkey, and acorn shirts; polka dot pots and pumpkins; simple “give thanks” banners; rag wreaths (and everyone got to make-and-take one!); weed “floral” arrangements; leaf press paintings, paper beads, twisted scrap and box-fold felt fabric flowers (another make-and-take); and–what I want to share with you today–another fabulous and ridiculously easy and inexpensive jewelry piece! MOPS craft day PHEWF! We had a lot of terrain I wanted to cover! jewelry paint nail polish DIYs One of the projects, as I talked through everything spread out on my table, is the cutie owl and octopus jewelry I’ve made over with paint and nail polish. new owl necklace makeover before So, in case you’ve never seen me post about these super-cheap pieces before, you can find a plethora of necklace styles over on amazon. The prices fluctuate, but I found this necklace for under $1 shipped. [Just search “owl necklace” over on amazon to find this and a billion other options.] new owl necklace makover fingernail polish color Now I have about 50 witnesses for how long this project actually took, and it was definitely under a minute. I simply slathered on some turquoise nail polish all over the face of the necklace pendant as I was speaking to the MOPS! new owl necklace makeover It quite literally could not have been simpler! new owl necklace turquoise nailpolish makeover after' Anyhoo, if you are looking for a fun piece or two–or perhaps hosting a girls’ time and looking for a fun project or party gift, it’s hard to go wrong with this! Wheeeeeee! Wheeee! blog signature


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