A Front Porch Fall Display {that doesn’t die when not watered}

Well, my front porch looked so cute, I thought, a couple of weeks ago. Too bad I didn’t take a photo to commemorate the look, because I’ve since killed all the pretty mums out there. [Apparently flowers need occasional watering to live, who knew.]

So I was on the hunt for a very low cost replacement. Preferably one that I will not kill quite so easily this go ’round!

The answer: polka dots, of course. Isn’t that always a viable answer??

I took the color ques from my fun felt & burlap fall wreath: so pink, brown, yellow, and orange.

Then I painted four inexpensive terra cotta pots. The total cost was about $15 for the three large pots. I had the small pot, pumpkins, and paint on hand. I painted each a solid color, then added large polka dots with a brush and small polka dots with a stippler.

I’m not planning on putting anything in the pots, but I think (that is, I’m hoping) they are strong enough to stand alone! And thank goodness, these don’t need watering! PHEWF!

So now my front porch is looking a little bit happy again. Huzzah! [Ahem, of course, the non-hanging hanging ferns are another story… I left the hangers on them because the foliage was so full at one time that the hangers were hidden but, ahem, apparently those demand occasional watering too… picky picky!]

Anyone else out there love a good fall porch, but hate the cost and upkeep? What’s your secret? Do tell!


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