A DIYer’s Home: {more} Big Ol’ PBK-Style Baseball Art

A quality canvas artwork can be cha-ching pricey, and a huge canvas might just be reserved for an income bracket of which I am not a part. But I love getting a wonderful piece of custom art in my home for about the price of a poster! Back in July, I shared the big ol’ 12-square-feet of Pottery-Barn-Kids-style goodness hanging in out five-year-old’s room. Today, I’d love to share Big Bro’s version!

At first, we started out doing a vintage bubble gum card football image, but of course, we changed our minds! HA! Thankfully, acrylic paint is easy to paint over! I actually had decoupaged phonebook paper all over the canvas all wrinkled, then sanded it back for the vintage version, but the texture works just fine for this baseball piece, too! {phewf!}

So, we found an image (again) that we liked by scrolling through google search images for “baseball,” “baseball hitting,” “baseball bat swing,” etc. Then I sketched it onto the canvas. If you are not really a sketcher, borrow an overhead and just project it onto your canvas to trace, easy! 🙂

After the baseball player is looking how you want in, paint in the background color.

Then paint in your baseball player. I kept a print out of the inspiration image close by for reference. Of course, since you are DIYing it, you can add your own child’s team colors and number!

My favorite is the baseball.

There’s something just lovely about red stitching on white leather and the contrast of dirt and grime on a perfect sphere, non?

I nailed a sawtooth hanger to the back of the canvas, then hung her on the wall. I love having a substantial piece of art for around $30! Wheeeeee!

So, anyone else out there love to stretch a dollar and do your own DIY art? Do tell!

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2 responses to “A DIYer’s Home: {more} Big Ol’ PBK-Style Baseball Art

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  2. I want to do this for my boys. They are much older, one already in college and the other going next year. They both are/will be college baseball players and wouldn’t this be a cool piece of art for their dorm, especially in their school colors with their numbers. One a pitcher and one a hitter, so I need to do both! Love your blog. So glad to find you. I follow Victoria Dunkle on Facebook and she mentioned your being on WLOS craft corner and I was hooked!


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