Free Wardrobe Update {making your summer dresses rock for fall}

I got a brand new outfit yesterday… Well, actually, not technically, since all the pieces were already in my closet…

But I happened to see a woman out and about yesterday as I was running errands who was looking all kinds of cute in an orange dress, brown tights, and a white cardi. And it got me to thinking…

So when I got home, I pulled out this orange jersey dress I’d gotten a summer or two ago.

I usually wear it with silver metallic flip flops and a bright turquoise necklace. It’s an easy outfit, perfect for summer.

Only this time, I paired it with dark brown tights, brown suede boots, and a blazer.

The fabric wrap belt became a scarf/necklace of sorts, and I was ready to go with a brand new [fall] outfit.

Total cost: $0. Nice! Thanks for the inspiration, random lady I saw while running errands!

So, do you ever get inspired to go shopping in your own closet? I bet there are plenty of pieces in there that could do double seasonal duty, right?! Wheeeee!

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