wading in

Well, I’m wading in (I’m not too much on diving). Won’t you come along with me as I start my blog journey? I get told (seems like a lot?) that I should do a blog, and I love the idea, so here we go… I’m thinking I’ll probably drone on & on about crafts, sewing, painting, food (cooking/baking), family (marriage/kids), and other adventures here at CampClem… since that’s what I seem to babble about anyway… Wheeeeeee! Won’t you leave a comment below, a little hello to say you’ve found me?


13 responses to “wading in

  1. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to read your BLOG!! If it’s anything like your “FB” posts you’ll be an amazing success!! Congratulations!!


  2. found you and can’t wait!!! blog about anything like you do on fb!!! here i can find your tutorials and great mothering ideas like the one about sitting down writing things you like about your siblings when you were being testy with one another!! you go girl!!!


  3. Gina, you are adorable, and I am looking forward to reading your blogs! I love how infectious you are, so keep it coming!


  4. Gina, you are a delight and a breath of fresh air shining your light for Jesus. I am looking forward to reading your blogs ;o)


  5. So excited that you have a blog. Love all the crafty and family fun things you do and I will enjoy reading about your sweet family!


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