may the love be with you

He loves it when Princess Leia calls Han Solo a “laser brain.” And it gets even better when Han calls Chewy a “fur ball.” He laughs right out loud.

So as I packed big bro’s school lunch today, I added a “Mommy loves you” note, loosely translated into eight-year-old-boy-speak, of course.

I smile to think of the epic cheese stick light saber battle he will no doubt initiate at the lunch room table with his best bud. I smile to think how he will regale his friends with Leia’s “laser brain” comment.

How do you pack love & tuck it into a backpack?


7 responses to “may the love be with you

  1. What a unique way to speak to the heart of your little man. It will make you more approachable with the big things to come and dialogue will be friendly, loving and accessible. Great idea!


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