Umm… No, I Didn’t Think To Ask That

didn't think to ask video shoot 2

When your husband mentions that some folks are coming over the next morning to shoot some footage for a mini video to use Sunday at church, you might not think TOO much about it… I mean, it’ll probably be just a five-second blip of us chatting on the couch about marriage or something, right?

You’ll clear the toy explosion from the living room, of course, make sure the bathroom has a quick wipe down (and say a prayer of THANKS that you mopped it the day before–you DO have boys, after all), but otherwise you’ll leave it pretty much at that.


Oh wait, you mean you forgot to ask if there’d be–um–ten people, a camera crew, and an Australian with a ukelele in your bedroom?

didn't think to ask video shoot 1

Silly you.

{See how it all comes together in a short funny video during the Sunday morning (1/29/12) live feed at 9:15, 11:00, or 6:00 o’clock here.} Update:  here’s the video link for those who missed the live feed. Enjoy!


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