The Front Porch Freshen Up

Let me just get my digression out before we even begin: Does anyone else check your gardening gloves every time before you put them on, squeezing each finger to crush the black widow or other heinous multi-legged monster who has made his nest there waiting to deliver the kiss of death? Or is that just me? Ahem, but I digress.

This was my front porch when I got up this morning. It was okay, I guess, but it was definitely time for a little freshen up.

I love to spread the mulch. It is a lovely layer of instant gratification that leaves the garden looking more finished and well-kept.

THIS is the best thing I saw in the garden this morning. It is proof that the dead-looking peony root that I planted a month or two ago is still alive and kicking! Woo-hoo!!

Paint the pots: creme to black.

No sanding? No priming? 15 minutes to dry? I’m IN!

Don’t forget to weigh down the pot and build up the height! I add a couple of rocks to weigh each one down, and two terra cotta pots I had around to make the potted fern sit higher [No repotting necessary: I just remove the hanger from the ferns and plop the whole pot into the “new” black planter!]

Of course, don’t forget to water those potted plants… But–oh dear–what if your watering pot’s sprung a leak?!

Duct tape to the rescue!

Of course, even I will concede that there comes a day when you just have to get a new one, the day when your watering can begins to ask esoteric questions, like “Am I watering can or am I duct tape? Wherein does my essence lie?”

But that day is not today.

So until then, here is an ode to duct tape:

Ode To Duct Tape

by CampClem

Duct tape, duct tape, I love you.

As a friend, you stick like glue.

Thick and thin, through all weather

You keep my watering can together.

And, of course, don’t forget the “outfit completer” with the accessories… in this case, a wreath.

Not much different… but much better!

Hooray, it’s May! Can you believe it?! Time to enjoy all those May flowers that the April showers watered! I’m totally ready for my hydrangeas and phlox to bloom!

So, what front porch freshen ups are you guys up to?


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