The Phlox {And The Impossible Dreams}

I absolutely love flower gardens. This is my dream garden (below, from pinterest). It is perfectly me to a tee: it is a little unkept and wild but also maintained and manicured, asymmetrically balanced. And like many people, I get bitten with the spring time planting bug, cruising the flower aisles of Lowe’s, imagining my garden flush with color.

dream garden

However the dream and the pocketbook don’t quite match up. So I usually leave empty-handed, dreaming of “someday.”

But a couple of years ago, I bit the bullet and bought just a few small flowering plants. I spent under $20 on pink and white Phlox and, although it was a bit of a paltry and pathetic showing, I was happy with a bit of summer color. Thankfully they are perennials, and they’ve come back beautifully at the end of June, each year bigger and better. I’ve added another one or two Phlox each year, and have even added some hydrangeas.

And, by george, I’m actually starting to get there.

But what I am still in the process of fully realizing is that if I want to get to the dream garden (within my constraints), I’ve got to give up the idea that I’m suddenly going to have the resources to make my dream magically appear, stop just staring at the blank patch, and plant a few of these (below).

Start small. Start somewhere. Just START!

That’s probably pretty elementary sounding, right?


But how often in real life do we waste years staring at a blank patch of grass…

…Or pining away at a dream that we’ve told ourselves we can’t achieve…

…because of lack of time… or talent… or resources?

But I wonder if you sat down and identified the goal…

then each year (or month or week or day), you planted just a seed or root or two…

if you might not just end up with something glorious in your garden…

and in your life?


So what impossible thing do you dream of (and what seeds will you start planting to get there)? Wheeeeeeeeee!


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11 responses to “The Phlox {And The Impossible Dreams}

  1. I’d love to have a beautiful garden like your dream one. It’s very similar to something I would chose for myself. One day …


  2. That post spoke right to me sister! I do have a dream and it is growing and if I am brave and courageous and TRUST my Great God who grants dreams bigger than I can imagine – it will burst forth soon!


  3. If you would like to add some orange to your garden I have tons of wild orange daylillies. They multiply like crazy and I have to dig up and divide every year. I will be digging these up this weekend and you are welcome to have some. I dug these up originally from my parents house. They get really tall and will need to go in the back of your flower beds. They look great up against the fence also. Also, they are low maintenance and easy to take care of.


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