This Love Don’t Cost A Thing: The Hit Or Miss Food Blessing

You ever try a new food for your kids, only to discover it’s a bomb? I’m not talking about some intricate recipe. Sometimes it’s as simple as picking up something new at the grocery store. The slacker’s version of “spicing it up!” We tried two new items a couple of months ago. One was a HIT, and one was a MISS. [But what to do with the miss??]

The HIT was these little GoGo Squeez apple sauce pouches. They are so yummy, and our almost one-and-a-half year old can eat them on the go without mess. And with two brothers in school and on sports teams, we do a lot of “on the go.” And as an added bonus, baby girl loves to play with the cap, screwing it off and on and off and on, once the apple sauce is gone. I try to keep a pouch or two in my purse at all times.

The MISS was these peaches. The kids like the pears, but there wasn’t a value pack of those, so I thought I’d try a 12-pack of these peaches. Fail. Now I have 11/12ths of a box just collecting dust.

But what do you do with these “misses”? Do you just hope there will be a taste bud reversal and keep them around until they expire? I’ve been guilty of doing that before! But might I suggest another option? You can put those peaches and those canned beans and that leftover unopened stuff and those other items from your pantry that you just aren’t using and send them to a food bank. I know it might not seem like much of a donation, but just imagine the impact we could have if we all cleaned out our pantries.

And the really glorious thing is, it doesn’t cost a THING. In fact, you are doing yourself a service by freeing up space and getting rid of clutter! Win-win!

And if you are so blessed that you are part of a really spectacular elementary school, you might even have a feeding program right at your convenience. We have a “BakPak” program at our school that helps bridge the gap for kids who might not get a decent meal between school lunch Friday and breakfast Monday. Check into it where you live!

So, what can you do today, right where you are, to bless someone?


One response to “This Love Don’t Cost A Thing: The Hit Or Miss Food Blessing

  1. I simply love your blogs…especially the ones about “blessing”others with giving a little of our time, talent or money:) I have 2 lovely girls, 10 and 12, and was picking my brain for ideas on how to get them involved in something that would make them feel needed on a global platform, and your ideas fit right in! We will check on our elderly neighbors and see what kind of services my young volunteers could provide:)) And what a great idea about sharing our “misses” with the local food pantry?! Thanks for sharing your ideas!
    Inspired Mom:)


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