This Year’s Christmas Porch {it’s a work in progress}

Well, I put the little ones down for a nap this afternoon and grabbed a few paint brushes and some paint. That’s one of my happy places.

01 Christmas porch in progress 1st coat

I plopped myself on the front porch with a drop cloth and began to paint the fall pink, yellow, purple, and brown pots red and green.

03 Christmas porch in progress inspiration mugs

I am inspired by my love of bright whimsical color, polka dots, and these mugs my sister-in-law gave us when we were together at Thanksgiving.

02 Christmas porch in progress happy mommy

So, I’m thinking some time this weekend I’ll try to sneak off to the neighborhood hardware store and get a few more tomato cages and some more garland. Then I’ll create a whole little miniscape of Christmas trees for the porch. [The front door is cracked in case my five-year-old wakes up early from his nap and wonders where the heck his mama is.]

04 Christmas porch in progress almost done

I’m making it up as I go. Final photos of the finished project [fingers crossed] will go up Monday. At least the dead ferns and pumpkins will be gone. That, friends, is progress. [Right??]

And meanwhile, we are hoping to get all our Christmas decorations down out of the attic and up around the house tomorrow. We shall see! So, it’s shaping up to be a great weekend here at CampClem.

So, anyone else not have her house all decked out yet? Do tell… ‘Cause I’m beginning to feel like the only one–help a sister out here!


2 responses to “This Year’s Christmas Porch {it’s a work in progress}

  1. Sorry sister…got ours all decked out since Thanksgiving night..just the way I am around this time of year…all other holidays I lag just a little lol…looking good tho! 🙂


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