Cutie Acorn Outfit {for the little miss}

Okay, to work through my recently created anxieties about acorns, I am getting back on the horse with another fall acorn project… Thankfully, this one promises not end in me getting the heebie-jeebies at the sight of a bunch of acorn grubs.

I’ve had this lovely acorn fabric in our fall box of decorations for years; it’s been used for several different autumn-inspired decorating projects since before I was even married.

But today, I took the scissors to it. I whipped up a cute little pair of ruffle pants for the little lady and made an applique to match out of a scrap and a bit of brown felt.

One of my favorite details of this outfit are the few rows of zig-zag stitches I added to the acorn top to give it some visual texture.

Of course, I ran out of brown thread when I was adding the acorn shirt applique, so I switched to tan… But you know me: get tangled up; just tango on! It all adds to the shabby appeal, right?

It is so fun for me to give something a whole new life! And I double love that this project didn’t cost us a cent.

…And I triple love that there is almost no pressure with making little girl clothes… an elastic waist is easy-peasy… and you only have the pressure of it having to last a couple of months before the little gaffer grows out of it again!!

Whipping up a new outfit: no problem… Getting my baby girl to stand still long enough to get a photo of said outfit: well, that’s a whole other story! She totally cracks herself up. I love it.

So, what old thing can you take and make brand new today? Wheeeee!


Wanna make your own ruffle pants and applique top? Here are my tutorials…


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