Pumpkin Lighting 2014

Every fall, mamas and pumpkins and craft supplies in abundance descend on our elementary school. Our fall family festival is coming up fast, and all the classes in every grade create pumpkin displays. The grades each choose a theme (this year my boys are doing “seasons” in 1st and “The Avengers” in 5th).

pumpkin lighting prep 01

So while I’ve been exceedingly busy in this season of life, and sorely neglecting my regular blogging duties, I relished a day spent with my oldest son and his classmates.

pumpkin lighting prep 02

These precious fifth graders are teetering between elementary school simplicity and full-on adolescence. *sniff*

pumpkin lighting prep 03

And we mamas have formed a sisterhood, of sorts, volunteering together since they were all in kindergarten. Precious friends.

pumpkin lighting prep 04

Of course, I relish seeing the kids get creative and crafty. And just being kids.

pumpkin lighting prep 05

It’s a precious time. A sacred moment. These are holy days.

pumpkin lighting prep 06

Oh my heart! Who knew that painting giant pumpkins to look like Iron Man and Thor and mini pumpkins and gourds to look like little people in our city scene could be so special. I wish I could just freeze time for a bit. Just stay a little longer.

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