Go! Felt! Win! {Take Two}: Easy DIY Cheer Pom-Poms

I might have crossed a dangerous line here. Because, seriously, I am *so* “that mom” right now. And it’s a little obnoxious.

But after I made the pennants to cheer on Li’l Bro at his Upward Sports soccer games (see them here)… and then made a little cheer uniform for Sissy…

I still had more felt… So I made a few pom-poms for her & two of the other little sisters on the team…

Just cut the felt into thin strips (these are maybe a quarter to a half inch thick and 10-12″ long), then tie about 70 of them in the center tightly with a few strands of embroidery floss or string, and then fluff! Voila! Instant cheer gear!

Of course, she’s elated.

So who are you cheering on this weekend? Wheeeee!


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3 responses to “Go! Felt! Win! {Take Two}: Easy DIY Cheer Pom-Poms

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