Supremely Fast, {Almost} Effortless, Highly Effective Cleaning Weapon

Okay, I just got done cleaning the master bathroom shower while wondering if everyone else already knows the cleaning secret that I’d only discovered in the past year or two… Probably… but…

But then I sat down to check my email. [I am colossally bad about email, but my friend told me today she was sending me something, so I went looking for it.] I found Jody’s message, at last, and–lo and behold–she had just cleaned her kitchen floor the same way I had cleaned my shower. Kismet?! She was so excited about this hot tip she’d received from her in-laws that it totally cinched the deal for me: I have to share!

How To Clean The Shower:

My shower gets fun-ky. So earlier this afternoon, I shook my mega box of baking soda all over the basin and on the walls, and walked away (I don’t think the baking soda actually has to sit to work effectively, but I do it that way more as a reminder to myself… Memory of a goldfish, remember?)… Then this evening, after a fun but funky day living up spring break with the kids, I was ready to freshen up! Before hopping in myself, I turned on the water and took a bristle brush to the walls and floor. They come sparkling clean with zero heavy scrubbing. Fantastico!! I’ve slaved over this very shower MANY times with an ARRAY of [toxic, stinky] cleaning products to no avail before discovering that baking soda is a wonder cleaner.

How To Clean Tile Floors:

Woo, if you’ve got tile floors and kids, you’ve got grime. Can I get a witness? Simply make a baking soda/water paste and scrub the floors with it using a bristle brush. [Okay, I’m no clean-freak, but this is SO easy and so instantly gratifying that even if you are the non-clean-iest non-clean-freak of the bunch, you will STILL love this.]

Okay, now don’t wimp out on me with one of those mamby-pamby baking aisle sized boxes, either. Go for the MOABB: the Mother Of All Baking soda Boxes. The stores keep these bad boys in the laundry detergent aisle.

And you’ll need the MOABB, too, because they are about a go-zillion uses for baking soda. Here are three links to some lists; how many can you check off?

Seven Surprising Uses For Baking Soda

27 Ways To Clean With Baking Soda

51 Fantastic Uses For Baking Soda


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