Solving the Juice Box Squirt Dilemma {hot tip}

Ah, juice boxes. The bane of many a preschool mama’s existence. You love ’em–they’re convenient, pre-measured, and fast… You hate ’em–what, do the makers get some sick, twisted pleasure out of spring-loading those little boxes to squirt sticky apple juice old-faithful-style the moment my preschooler grabs hold?

[You probably already know this, but since I shared it with a young mama just yesterday…]

There is a solution. A built-in, fast, easy solution: THE FLAPS. Simply fold up the flaps at the top sides of the box…

…and have your preschooler hold his drink by the flaps. Voila! No more juice box geysers! ENJOY!


4 responses to “Solving the Juice Box Squirt Dilemma {hot tip}

  1. This is a great tip! I learned it with my first daughter. Prior to this trick I had to drink half the juice box before handing it to her, i didn’t need the calories.


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