Fast, Simple, Pretty Fabric Flowers {Tutorial}

Fabric flowers are so fun for clothing embellishments or headbands or jewelry or whatever! But did you know that they are mind-numbingly easy to make?

Well, I hope you made the adorable pieced peasant skirt (over here), but now you need a whole outfit! So grab some scrap fabric strips (leftovers from the peasant skirt, or any other strips of fabric that coordinate for your project).

There are a gazillion tutorials on how to make a fabric flower out there–it is basically just wrapping and folding fabric around and around until you call it a flower–but here’s my fast & easy take on it:

First rip a strip of fabric–I love the edge that ripping gives, but cutting is fine, too (below left). These strips are about 24″ long and 1.5-2.5″ wide (below right). You can use pretty much any length and width to achieve different flower sizes and thicknesses.

fold the strip of fabric in half and start wrapping it around your finger (below left). The fabric will natural twist as you hold it with one hand while wrapping it around a finger on the other (below right), but no worries! You want this to happen: just keep wrapping and twisting!

When you get to the end of your strip, hold your flower while you pull out your finger and tuck in the tail…

Then you’ll end up with one of these little dandies (below)!

Next, secure your flowers (or else they’ll fall apart as easily as they wound together!) by pulling a needle and thread right through the middle, left to right, a few times then knotting off the thread. Then I like to sew three flowers of varying sizes and pattern together to make a little “bouquet” (I’m also adding a couple of loose folds of green fabric here for “leaves,” below).

Flip over your assembly and–knock on wood–it will look like this!


Then you can sew it onto an elastic headband, sew a piece of fabric and a safety pin on the back to make a corsage pin, add it to a bib necklace, or sew it straight onto your peasant skirt!

…Or add it to a simple white shirt to complete an outfit (below)! I love the soft long-sleeved garanimals ones you can pick up for about $3-4 each at WallyWorld–cheap as chips and they have the cutest lettuce-edge sleeves and hem.

Ta-da! Well done! Now get that sweet girl of yours all dressed up and let her have a dance!

Wheeeeeeeee! Can’t wait to see what you create!


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  9. So I have jut begun sewing and looking over your website has HELPED BIG time thanks so much and keep your ideas coming!!! Love love love it all!!!


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