How To Make That Beloved Knot Top New Again {again}

Remember when I REmade this cute little outfit?

dress skirt 01 before floralThe piece of clothing started out as an itty bitty dress. I think it was around 0-6 month size. But it went under the knife in March, 2012, when my little bambina was almost one-and-a-half.

dress skirt 05 finish floralThat got turned into a skirt for my sweet toddler girl…

dress skirt 06 flower floralAnd the top of the dress was twisted into a simple fabric flower embellishment for a top to go with it.

upcycled again knot top and pantsThen fast forward again almost two years to January 2014, and this skirt became ruffles and straps on a ruffle pants/knot top mixed fabrics outfit.

mixed fabrics knot top gets longer and ruffle 01Fast forward yet AGAIN, another year, and my now-four-year-old is still wearing this! When I pulled it out of her closet the other day, it still fit well in the bodice, but the length felt a little short. So, I took just a couple of minutes to let down the hem (cue the stitch ripper), and add a ruffle to the bottom, thereby adding 4-6 inches to the overall length.

mixed fabrics knot top gets longer and ruffle 02That’s the beauty of a tie-back knot top–since the bodice and straps are loose, you could even just make it dress or tunic length to begin with and never have to re-hem it at all, wheeee!

mixed fabrics knot top gets longer and ruffle 04And there you have it!  I cannot believe she has been wearing some incarnation of this dress-skirt-ruffle-straps piece of fabric for four years. I love that!!

mixed fabrics knot top gets longer and ruffle 03Wanna make one too? Remember to check out my simple knot top tutorial with lots of step-by-step pics for my fellow non-pattern following seamsters!

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