Instantly Dry Nail Polish {using something you already have}

Usually, if I ever actually admit to feeling under the weather, I trudge through, as mamas tend to do, and get better quickly, as mamas need to do. ‘Cause ain’t nobody got time for dat. Life marches on and mama’s gotta keep the ship steaming.

But when my hubs sweetly grounded me yesterday from teaching my writing students and leading our daughter’s cheer practice so I would actually rest, things got real. After a month of fighting a cold, I finally gave in and made an appointment for the doc.

02 instant polish dryBut sick or not, I am not a girl who garners any sense of comfort from lazing around in pajamas. That’s just depressing for me. So before my appointment this morning, I got cleaned up, did my makeup, and slapped on a couple of coats of nailpolish and a topcoat.

[For those of you who have been following along for a while, you might be shocked to see my real nails, since you are used to this, this, and this!]

05 instant polish dryBut how, you may ask, did I manage to accomplish getting our boys out the door, getting Sis sorted, and getting myself ready without smudging my polish?

Well, I have a simple tool… And it’s one you might already own too:

03 instant polish dryYep. Pam cooking spray.

04 instant polish dryThe moment I’m done with two coats of color and a coat of clear, I walk my very wet nails to the kitchen and give them a spray. Then I’m set! And my nails are set!! I gently wash my hands and walk out the door. I grab my purse and coat; I open my door, fasten my seatbelt, and crank the car; and I drive off with my perfectly un-smudged, scraped, or ruined polish. HUZZAH!

01 instant polish dryI feel a surge of mom superpower! 🙂  [So that along with the z-pac of antibiotics from the doc should have me to rights in no time.]

Anyone else wielding a mommy-power hot tip? Do tell!!

[OH! And P.S.: This polish color is called Barefoot in Barcelona by OPI, and I adore it.]

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